Cultural Liaison Officer Identified

Queensland Corrective Services - Far North Queensland QLD+1 location

**This position has been identified as a position to be filled by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person because of a number of factors, including the gross over‑representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders in custody. It is an occupational requirement that this position be filled by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person as permitted and arguable under Sections 25, 104, and 105 of the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991**

The essential requirements for this role are:

  • Ability to engage with the community, key stakeholder liaison and/or working with special interest groups particularly in the criminal justice system with particular emphasis on key stakeholders within indigenous
  • High level written communication skills including the ability to produce complex reports and documentation within a legislatively controlled environment
  • Current and detailed knowledge of indigenous issues, trends and practices and the ability to analyse their impact on prisoners
  • Effective interpersonal skills as evidence by the ability to build successful relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Self-aware and consistent with the attitudes and behaviours that need to be modelled in a correctional environment
  • Resilient to remain motivated in achieving high standards in the delivery of essential frontline services
  • Well rounded in administrative and technical skills that assist in the achievement of workplace goals
  • Ability to interpret and apply legislation, policies and procedures
  • Communicates professionally and engages with respect with colleagues, offenders, management and stakeholders. Experience in working collaboratively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Knowledge of risk assessment instruments and processes and their application and be able to apply within criminal justice settings
  • Well-developed written communication skills with the ability to provide high quality professional reports and case notes
  • Respect for sensitivity and confidentiality of issues and information handled.
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