Talent Register 2022/23

Australian Bureau of Meteorology - Australia
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The Bureau of Meteorology maintains a Talent Register to identify suitable candidates for vacant roles.

The Register may be used to fill non-ongoing (temporary) roles on either a specified term, specified task or irregular & intermittent (casual) basis. Temporary engagement may be offered for up to 18 months without holding a competitive selection process and may be extended with total period not to exceed three years, either full time, part time or casual. Application on the Talent Register does not guarantee any offer of employment.

As part of your registration, you will be asked to indicate your area of expertise, educational history and to include your resume outlining your work history, experience and skills. Your registration will remain active until 30 June 2023. After this time you will need to renew your registration by re-applying. The details of your registration will be disclosed to relevant personnel for consideration. If you require assistance, please email [email protected]

Eligibility and Specific Conditions of Employment
To be eligible to work with the Bureau of Meteorology you must:

  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident (note: some roles will be available to Australian citizens only)
  • Be able to obtain and maintain the required AGSVA clearance if required
  • Undertake pre-employment checks such as criminal history and qualification verification
  • Satisfy a probation period
  • Other conditions may be applied depending on the role and requirements
Employment conditions for most Bureau employees are contained in The Bureau of Meteorology Enterprise Agreement 2018. The actual level of engagement will depend on the duties to be performed.

Attention - In the recruitment process, legitimate companies never withdraw fees from candidates. If there are companies that attract interview fees, tests, ticket reservations, etc. it is better to avoid it because there are indications of fraud. If you see something suspicious please contact us: [email protected]
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