Teacher Aide-Term 3 2020

Department of Education & Training VIC - Beechworth VIC

Beechworth Primary School Profile 2020

Beechworth Primary School is a child-centred school. The voices of our children are significant – their views are respected. The school believes that children are adventurous in acquiring knowledge, intellectually curious and keen to actively engage in making sense of their world. The school encourages their joyful pursuit of learning for all members of our Community.


Believe, Persist, Succeed


For all members of our community to value and embrace the educational opportunities for every child.


We aim for excellence in all we do, our decisions and choices are guided by our core values; respect, persistence, caring and safety. The celebration and promotion of personal best is at the forefront in all we do. Through this we build productive and positive relationships with all members of our school community.


Beechworth is a historic gold mining town in North East Victoria. Like all small, rural towns it has unique characteristics. In Beechworth the preservation of heritage buildings, a beautiful natural environment and a vibrant arts community has combined to create an environment in which tourism is a major industry. Beechworth Primary School was built in 1875 and consists of a central heritage building classified by the National Trust.

Beechworth Primary School is set on five acres of spacious and attractive grounds that feature a stand of sequoias more than 100 years old. The grounds offer a stimulating physical environment that enhances formal education. During 2010 our school received funding from the Federal Government’s Building the Education Revolution program. $2million spent on the construction of a purpose built 21


Century Learning Centre. This centre includes 4 open-plan learning spaces, plus a library area. An exciting new building for Beechworth Primary School.

The school draws its students from the town and the surrounding rural area and is a major focus within the community. Our current enrolment is 200 students and we expect it to remain around that number in the coming years.

Teaching and Learning

Beechworth Primary School addresses the learning needs of each and every child. Our Curriculum program runs on a repeating 2 year cycle, and covers all aspects of the Victorian Curriculum, emphasising Literacy and Numeracy. For our Inquiry based learning we use a program called MAPPEN. MAPPEN units are designed around eight concepts, each explored developmentally from Foundation through to Year 6. Following the MAPPEN program all students explore the same concept at the same time, allowing for whole school immersion and cross level collaboration. The eight concepts are Community, Sustainability, Social Justice, Creativity, Identity, Change, Necessity and Curiosity.

Determining the specific learning requirements of each child is the key to our highly successful literacy and numeracy program. Our program is based on the Victorian Curriculum, and rather than focus generally on whole classes, we ‘fluid-group’ children according to ability. This facilitates more accurate teaching. Within groups, children may also have individual learning plans designed to fit their needs. In this way, gaps in individual learning are continually identified, and teaching is fine-tuned to address them. Knowing precisely which literacy and numeracy concepts each child needs to develop ensures the progression of all students.

We have teachers dedicated to specialist programs in Performing Arts, Physical Education, Music and Visual Arts. Our LOTE (Languages Other Than English) program focuses on Indonesian language, and more generally, on promoting a cultural and geographic awareness of southeast Asia. We also offer an excellent Sports program, with opportunities for students to compete at regional through to state levels.

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