Assistant Cabinet, Legislation and Liaison Officer (CLLO)

Queensland Government - Brisbane QLD

Brisbane QLDPermanentKey Responsibilities of the Role• Assist the Manager Executive Services to provide Cabinet, Legislation and Liaison services to the Minister, Director-General and department.• Assist in the management of the Minister's Cabinet, Legislative, Parliamentary and Executive Council agenda, including liaison with relevant Government agencies regarding the department.• Provide an advisory and quality control service on the preparation of Cabinet, Parliamentary and Executive Council documents such as Cabinet submissions, responses to Questions on Notice, Possible Parliamentary Questions and other Executive Government business documentation.• Assist in the analysis and coordination of high-volume and timeframe critical Cabinet, Legislative, Parliamentary and Executive Council information and business; this includes the strategic analysis of departmental information to ensure an approach that promotes whole-of-department consistency and collaborative effort.• Ensure well-written Cabinet submissions include recommendations that are supported by the discussion in the body of the submission.• Ensure compliance with relevant departmental and whole-of-Government guidelines and procedures.• Manage Cabinet and Parliamentary Service officers' workloads and duties.• Review other departments' Cabinet submissions and coordinate advice for the Director-General and Minister on departmental impacts of these submissions. • Maintain high-level knowledge of Cabinet and Parliamentary protocols, legislative processes and whole-of-Government and departmental policies to ensure compliance.• Maintain a good working relationship between Executive Services and service areas to ensure that Cabinet, Legislation, Parliamentary and other Government business processes are adhered to within specified timeframes.• Monitor the implementation of Government decisions and Government Commitments which fall within the responsibility of the Minister/department.• Manage the secure storage, handling and dissemination of Cabinet and Executive Council submissions and decisions in compliance with relevant guidelines.• Liaise and negotiate with other Government departments, senior officers, State Authorities, Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Executive Council Secretariats.• Assist the Manager Executive Services in the implementation and ongoing management of systems and procedures such as Quality Assurance, Environmental Management Systems, Records Management and any other legislative or departmental requirements.• Other project work as directed by the Manager Executive Services.• Foster an equitable and fair workplace ethos through the implementation of management standards and policies, for example, performance planning and review, recruitment and selection, training and development, workplace health and safety, employment equity.• All staff are responsible for identifying, managing and reporting risks relating to their work with DATSIP
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